Collaborative minigames

that will help you escape

In all Dobbly’s minigames children practice collaborative skills, for example: compromising, listening, communicating, waiting your turn and understanding you’re not the only one in the group. We combine collaboration with sparking creativity and a design (thinking) mindset: trying something new and learning things don’t have to go perfect in one try.

Category: all hands-on

Minigame #15: Space race

Everybody has their hands on the tablet or the button and needs to participate. Communicate clearly as you are avoiding asteroids and shooting space ghosts.


Skills: communication, compromising, listening

Category: one lead

Minigame #9: Keep in the air

One person makes the football player jump with the button, the others support by moving the football player on the screen.


Skills: Hand-eye coordination, timing, communication/listening

And many more!

The amount of minigames is growing: we'll keep on publishing new games and invite/support children to develop and publish their own games in the future! See stretch goals.

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