Dobbly's Island!

Also for schools!

Dobbly's Island is an interactive and social escaperoom that allows children to work on collaboration skills. The game can be played over and over again, no extra support from the teacher is needed.

Dobbly's Island

You are spending a lovely day on Dobbly’s Island, playing games and having fun. But oh no! The sea water is rising and the island is disappearing quickly! In all excitement you’ve lost the four keys of the yellow submarine. Only by working together you’ll have enough time to find the keys and get to safety.

The road to the submarine is filled with challenges for you to explore. Play collaborative, active and fun minigames with the push button to earn points. Use the points to move around or exchange them for tools. Work together to get to the submarine. Everyone on board? Let’s go!

Design by an award-winning team:

No extra support from the teacher is needed

Learning to work together is wrapped up in an escaparoom, allowing children to work independently.

Real and open interaction between children

More than just together on one touch screen, children really work together in a playing field larger than the screen.

Learning to work together, by working together

Working together is important for a fun and successful life. More peaceful when children work together better.


press to zoom

press to zoom

Based on the SLO learning path Collaboration


What's included?

The escape room to learn to collaborate, that can be played over and over again. Including the interactive game board with collaborative minigame that are played with the phycial push button

Interactive game board

The coziness of a cardboard game board, and the dynamics of an app. Place the tablet flat on the table, so everyone can standing around it. The road is full with challenges to explore!

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20 Collaborative minigames

All minigames are designed around collaborative skills: you need to work together to win. ​Clear communication and compromising is key in all the minigames. The better you collaborate, the more fun you're having!

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Push button

Unique of Dobbly's Island is the physical push button. The button makes you jump of joy and open up to collaborate. Children don't want to stop playing because of it, and adults can be children again! 

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