We Are Luqo

We are experts in making fun and engaging games for children where collaboration is always key.


Our story

The starting point for Luqo

"For me it is a spectre: Children sitting individually behind their laptops at school. If that's the result of digitalisation in primary education, I don't think we're doing the right thing. It is precisely the development of social skills, learning together and having fun together that is so important for children. That's why I started Luqo in 2015. I am convinced that digitalisation becomes only really meaningful if it also provides social interaction. And that it shouldn't create even more work for teachers, but rather help reduce the workload and support them in teaching."

- Founder Rogier Kauw-A-Tjoe

What We Are About

Only together it becomes really fun

Not only are our games collaborative, our design method is also collaborative. Together with children, parents, teachers, educational experts, interns and enthusiastic friends, we developed the product and the games. The energy that is generated is contagious. It also enables us to come up with the best and most relevant products that are truly in line with the market.

Our core values

Energetic, consciously, colourful and equal. That is how we work. We put energy into everything that has to do with Luqo and we get energy from it. We don't do this lightly. We go about our work in a well-considered way and make conscious choices. For example, we strive to work only with European suppliers. Colourful does not only refer to the buttons and games, colourful also stands for the diversity in our team and the people we work with. Finally, we attach great value to equality. Not everyone is equal, but those differences are what make it interesting!

Meet the team